People Worth Following

Transitioning from the military to civilian life can be tough regardless of the circumstances.  Some voluntarily discharge, some retire, and some are wounded for the United States and transition to civilian life.  Justin Lascek is a Green Beret that was wounded and now devotes his time to inspiring others. He advocates for the mental health and well being of others needing a guiding light.  As a relatively new influencer Justin Lascek accumulated a following after posting a picture of himself in a hospital bed with the bottom parts of his legs missing.  His moving post about cheating death the value of life set him apart as someone worth following.  HIs Instagram page shows he has a podcast, he brings awareness about suicide, and he also makes appearances.  His following on Instagram allowed shows an impressive 60.4k followers.  Justin writes articles on his personal page about things ranging from what depression feels like, to the first time he was given ketamine after experiencing and IED.  This relatively new influencer is certainly worth following as many veterans experience thoughts of suicide, drug addiction, and depression.  According to the the mental, “The number of Veteran suicide deaths per year increased from 5,787 in 2005 to 6,139 in 2017.”  Not only is Justin an inspirational writer he has experienced a wide variety of things that many veterans suffer from.  One article Justin writes he talks about how one of the worst things about suffering is other people not understanding.  It nice to see a wounded combat veteran willing to put much of his experience out there for those who might be struggling.  Justin is credible, relatable, and obviously caring.  In recent days the U.S. is witnessing fallout in Afghanistan as the military is pulled out.  As seen on a Reddit thread many veterans are checking in on other veterans to make sure their heads are in the right space.  There are many triggering events that can lead a veteran down a wrong path, and influencers like Justin are the ones standing up and making a difference.  There are also pages on platforms like LinkedIn that aid veterans in go down a positive path.  Pages like Military Veteran to Civilian Career Transitions help people transition to civilian life find work in an appropriate field.  Its people like Justing, groups like Reddit, and pages like Military Veteran ti Civilian Career Transitions help service members get on with life after service.  These are the types of people and pages that should be propped up in society, and maybe the suicide, drug addiction and depression statistics would start to dwindle. 

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